Weep for the Scammer

Get-rich-quick huckster Lori Prokop is "saddened" that aspiring writers,  whose desperation for publication makes them easy prey, aren’t falling for her transparent BookMillionare Reality Show scam. She writes:

are building both a television show, television viewing audience and
online community to highlight the writing community. To see this
slammed by members of the writing community is a sad situation.

It certainly is for her…and probably a real shocker, too.  She was counting on the proven gullibility of aspiring writers.  But I had no idea that all Lori, whose personal email address is Cash@megabestseller.com, really wanted to do was help the community of writers and promote world peace. I feel so guilty.

type of slamming saddens me as I can see people who write and
communicate in this manner are hurt, frustrated and need help healing
past wounds. My heart goes out to them but I also request they refrain
from further slams and instead speak directly to me to receive the

Translation:  "Stop talking about my scam in public, you’re scaring away all the suckers!"

5 thoughts on “Weep for the Scammer”

  1. I can get screwed by legitimate markets on my own, thank you very much, Lori. And the beauty is (save for iU and XLibris – for which they tell you up front they’re vanity), none of them charge me for the privilege. In fact, sooner or later, I’ll still get a check – maybe minus 15%, but I know I’ll get paid if I screw up.
    Not that I ever screw up. (End rant. Uncross fingers.)

  2. And back we go to the line from Shakespeare: Methinks she doth protest much.
    Look: If she were legit she wouldn’t be so defensive. Instead she would be providing factual evidence of her success. Not making nasty noises about how certain persons have taken–rightly so–to pissing on her parade.

  3. Lee,
    Won’t you share with us your past wounds that are, judging by your antagonism of Ms. Prokop, just begging to be healed? Speak, Lee; you’re among friends.
    Or keep up the assault on her scam. That’s pretty swell too.

  4. Lori’s Ever-Changing Claims

    Lori Prokop, online huckster and the originator of the Book Millionaire scam, posts this claim on her website: “I’ve never seen anything like your four hour book signing at Barnes and Noble in Las Vegas. More than 1,174 people gladly


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