6 thoughts on “Japanese Cloning”

  1. I wonder if the Honda comes with the standard BMW feature: A jackass behind the wheel talking on a cell phone and treating the road as if it’s their own private racetrack.

  2. It just so happened that there was an article in the Toronto Sun newspaper today on this topic. It was written by an Indian Hindu Canadian in praise of India so there’s this to keep in mind.
    Mr Banerjee says that some countries (China) don’t have much of a record for protecting intellectual property rights such as, for example, car designs. They produce what he calls “knock-offs” which are blatant copies of the orginal product and sold at a much lower price. He says in China there are knock-off cars called BYD-6 sedans which are copies of the BMW7-series.
    His main point is that corporations could make partnerships with those doing the copying or with, for instance, car makers and innovators in India and South Korea. The labor costs are still low but the Indians are “frugal” engineers striving for innovation along with low cost.
    The Indian firm, REVA, he says, builds the top-selling electric vehicle in Europe.
    For Canada, with the dollar now about par with the U.S. dollar, the cost of car-making has gone up so much that jobs are being lost big time. But Mr Banerjee sees partnerships with Indian car-makers as a much better route to go than allowing in cheap knock-offs.

  3. Nope, I don’t think the new Accord looks like a BMW. The rear looks very much like the new MB C-class though. But that’s just the latest trend in car design. Just wait, there will be plenty of sedans around soon with the tail lights arranged similar to each other.


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