PW Raves Over Wheeler

Publishers Weekly has given a rave review to my friend Richard Wheeler’s new novel VIRGIN RIVER.  They say, in part:

Barnaby Skye returns for his 16th stirring western […]Wheeler’s lucid prose and excellent eye for detail make history come alive once again.

2 thoughts on “PW Raves Over Wheeler”

  1. I’m glad to hear about this. A month ago, I wrote to Richard about this very issue–when we could expect the next Barnaby Skye novel–but I never heard back (Richard is always prompt in his responses, so I suspect an overly jealous spam blocker ate my message).
    In any case, those who haven’t read a Richard Wheeler novel should give this book a try. His stories are wonderful, his characters palpably real.

  2. I’ll be looking for this one. The last one of Mr. Wheeler’s novels I read was Vengeance Valley, a fine story. It was badly handled by the publisher(title changed, inappropriate cover). It probably would have sold more if done correctly.


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