Keenan on BADGE

Mystery lover Vince Keenan, columnist for the excellent Mystery File newsletter, had some very nice to things to say about THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE on his blog today.

Harvey Mapes drifted into security work because he thought it
would be like MANNIX or one of his Gold Medal paperbacks. He stays in it because
it gives him time to read more Gold Medal paperbacks. When a resident of the
gated community where he works hires him to tail his wife, Harvey finally gets
his chance to make like Spenser.

The book is about Harvey’s discovery
that real-life crime isn’t like the fictional variety at all. At first, the
differences are played for laughs, but when Harvey’s case takes a tragic turn,
Lee never loses his footing. Harvey actually matures on the page, a
transformation made evident in the character’s distinctive voice. He stops
wising off and starts wising up.

Thanks, Vince. And where’s the next issue of Mystery File? I’m going through withdrawal.

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  1. Lee, I don’t imagine that you’re the only one wondering what happened to Mystery*File. The last issue came out in February and has been on a long unplanned hiatus since then. I’m slowly picking up the pieces, and the next issue will be a double-sized one, if not a triple-decker. Besides the usual columnists and regular contributors (Vince Keenan, Bill Crider, Marv Lachman, Mike Nevins, Jon Breen and others) and the next installment of Al Hubin’s CRIME FICTION IV, a few of the other highlights include an interview with Stephen Greenleaf, new information about Cornell Woolrich, an overview of Helen Reilly’s career, not to mention many many reviews and other commentary on mystery fiction both old and new. And (as they say) a whole lot more. You won’t see it this month, but in September? Maybe. I hope so! Steve


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