Kentucky Woman, She Shines in her Own Kind of Light

I’ve got some good news to share…my original screenplay "Mapes For Hire," based on my novel THE
, has been nominated for an Angie Award at the second annual International Mystery Festival in Owensboro, Kentucky …even better, the script will be performed on stage  like an old-time radio show during the festival at the Riverpark Center. Other nominees in this category include scripts by Ray Bradbury, Rupert Holmes, and my friend Robert S. Levinson, so I am in very good company.The winner gets a statuette, a couple of grand in cash, and maybe even a bucket of Colonel Sanders fried chicken. All of that would be nice, but I can’t wait to "hear" my script performed, which is prize enough for me.

3 thoughts on “Kentucky Woman, She Shines in her Own Kind of Light”

  1. Damn, Lee, congratulations! We’ve discussed this before, and I understand the reasoning, but I have to go with Randy on this one. It would be too much fun to see what Harvey’s up to these days.

  2. I would love to write a sequel but, sadly, there is no money in it. Sure, Five Star would publish it again, but the advance and the likely amount royalties doesn’t really make it a reasonable use of my time. I would be better off taking a risk on something entirely new.


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