1 thought on “My Sistahs”

  1. Hi Karen and Linda, nice to meet you. Don’t think I’ve ever known so many writers to belong to one family. Did your mother and father give you all typewriters for your birthdays?
    Your video sure has a lot of positive energy. It’s very up-beat, with a lot of entertaining jokes. Nowadays, I’m keeping a daily journal on my laptop, but you have an interesting idea about using receipts and everyday items as resources for a visual art journal. On another topic, Reese Witherspoon said she loved Angelina Jolie in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” And she was regretting that there aren’t more woman that younger girls can look up to as role models. Maybe you might be developing a role along those lines?
    Anyway, it’s refreshing to get the female opinion on things and to see real women having fun and enjoying life and NOT saying that the problem with the world is guys. Guys love girls. But they can’t explain the female soul to females, only females can do that. So there’s a lot of issues intermingling, I would argue, in a show, a book, and a website like yours.


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