King of the Kindle

Author Parnell Hall sings in this video about wanting to be "The King of the Kindle" and has jam-packed it with author cameos from Bouchercon… including a moment with yours truly. 


4 thoughts on “King of the Kindle”

  1. Parnall Hall is fabulous. He is NOT an author. He is a songwriter. He reminds me of the early Simon and Garfunkle, telling the truth, facing life with courage, standing up for his own humanity. He only needs to expand his musical songs a bit. He needs to add some rock riffs to the middle of his songs, to the bridge. I have no doubt he could issue a Billboard Top 100 hit if his band could rock n roll. Next would be a tour of America, and they would come.
    Looking at his video of San Fran and of Bouchercom, all I can say, Lee, is that you are really missing a bet, here. If this video is so interesting at 4-plus minutes, you should have your own video unit zeroing in on the crises in publishing, gathering interviews on the “Fate of Publishing in Our Time.” I amazes me that video shot of a city from a car driving along a freeway can be so awe-inspiring, and cost so little to get. If you don’t produce this feature documentary, somebody else will, and not do as good a job, and you’ll have missed the chance to make millions, and to become a significant voice amongst the culture.
    My gift is that I can see.


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