LA Times Book Review Reviewed

The Elegant Variations reviewed this week’s LA Times Book Review and managed to succinctly sum up everything that’s wrong with it:

Well, there’s a bit too much of the wrong lessons learned from the NYTBR – lots of space given over to policy and politics titles that will probably only attract the smallest of audiences. We know Book Review Editor Steve Wasserman wants to feel important and
all East-Coast-smartypants and we suppose overlong, dull reviews of
weighty titles is one way to do that.

And this week’s issue wasn’t even as dull as usual. C’mon, Steve, I know you want to educate all pf us unsophisticated, superficial, uneducated, DaVinci Code-swilling, L.A. boobs… but can you puh-lease  give us a thought-provoking, intelligent, inspiring, and relevant Book Review that doesn’t read like a software manual?

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