Land of the Lost

Variety reports that Will Ferrell will star in a feature film adaptation of the live-action children’s series LAND OF THE LOST, about a father and his kids who take a rafting trip and end up going back in time to when dinosaurs walked the earth. The movie will ditch the kids and is being directed by Adam McKay, who also helmed Ferrell’s ANCHORMAN. This will be Ferrell’s third big-screen, TV series remake — he’s also appeared in STARSKY & HUTCH and the upcoming BEWITCHED.  How long before he signs up to star in MR. ED and SHAZAM?

4 thoughts on “Land of the Lost”

  1. SOme of these roles, though, were ahead of their time in that Will Ferrell wasn’t around to play them.
    Re:BEWITCHED. Best rumor I heard was from about 10 years ago. They wanted two actors to play Darren. When one actor left the room, the other would take over the role. The Wilson Brothers would have been great for this. But hey, Nicole Kidman is the perfect Samantha. Wonder who’s playing Endora. Shirley McLain?

  2. I believe Shirley MacLaine will be playing Endora. I always liked that idea of two Darrins with no “splainin” for why Darrin changed appearance. I would have started off with David Schwimmer (The Dick York version) and then bring in Will Ferrell (The Dick Sargent type).
    My fantasy casting from ten years ago in a Bewitched BB included Nathan Lane as Uncle Arthur and Robbie Coltrane as Dr. Bombay.
    As for this version, I’m hearing weird stories about the plotline. We’ll see…..
    But back to the movie version of Land of the Lost…. it’s a shame they’re dropping the kids. It would’ve been nice to give the kids in the audience somebody to identify with.


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