Star Wars: The TV Series

Variety reports that the future of STAR WARS is in television. George Lucas is mounting two series…one animated and one live-action… that will continue the franchise.

The first is an 3-D animated half-hour that expands on the "Clone Wars"
miniseries of which Lucasfilm has done two cycles for Cartoon Network.

Series could take advantage of the new CGI animation facility company is
building in Singapore. News also jibes with recent buzz in the toon
that has had Lucasfilm talking to high-profile talent, including "Aeon Flux"
creator Peter Chung, who is known to have consulted on a TV project for the

Lucas also revealed that the company is working on a spinoff live-action
series that would focus on some supporting characters who’ve been introduced in
the movies.

"We’re probably not going to start that for about a year," he said. "Like on
‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,’ we want to write all the stories for the
entire first season all at once. I’m going to get it started and hire the
showrunners and all of that, then I’ll probably step away."

Both skeins would be set in the years between the end of "Revenge of the
Sith" and the beginning of the original "Star Wars," aka "Episode IV — A New

6 thoughts on “Star Wars: The TV Series”

  1. Yay! “Jar Jar The TV Show”!!
    ps my 13 year old came up with that about two seconds after being told about the TV series.

  2. Oh, no…
    Oy! Lucas! For crying out loud, stop making spinoffs of your own films!
    I mean, okay, sure, he has that right, but, to relate to Guyot’s comment, he has very little respect for fans. He completely ignores the fact that there is a very large — and, I hasten to add, entirely legal and authorised — universe built up around Star Wars in the form of the Expanded Universe novels. George Lucas, in his infinite wisdom, has seen fit to completely ignore anything therein, things that might make his films /better/, to follow his own little path. Now, sure, that’s his right… but it’s just a /little/ annoying.
    Well, anyway, if he pulls off the space battle in RotS, we’ll forgive him.

  3. What a shame he has such disdain for fans of Star Wars… especially those amongst us that might have bothered to make this last series at least a little more interesting/post-adolescent. Ugh… maybe if he’d bothered to get over his own ego, hand over an outline to some screenwriters with enough sense to give a damn about character arcs, left the directing to someone who hasn’t forgotten how to deal with actors (Empire comes to mind), and just focussed his energies on those bad ass visuals, we might have come up with a compelling story that looks better than anyone could have ever hoped.
    *sigh* But I guess those days are gone… and all that matters is marketing.


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