Lawrence Sanders

I went to the anniversary party at The Mystery Bookstore today, and a few of us authors started talking about ghostwriters. One of the interesting issues that came up is the story of Lawrence Sanders and Vincent Lardo.

You may recall, some years ago a reader sued a publisher after discovering the “McNally” book he bought by Sanders was actually written by Vincent Lardo after Sanders’ death. The reader, as I recall, won the case and the publisher had to give refunds to anyone who bought a book. From that point forward, all the “MCNally” books had to be credited to Vincent Lardo.

Now here’s the fascinating twist. The publisher is going to be reissuing the early Sanders “McNally” novels… and it turns out the ALL the McNally novels, even when Sanders as alive, were actually written by Lardo. In other words, they were ghostwritten from the start! So now, under the terms of the lawsuit, the early McNally novels now have to say “By Vincent Lardo writing as Lawrence Sanders.”

So the whole lawsuit was a pointless and more than a little bit ironic.

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  1. Too bad you had to leave early. You missed quite the lively discussion about Tanenbaum (and his latest book being called HOAX). There was even an idea bandied about to have the other authors in attendance add “I didn’t write this book, either” and their John Hancocks to the signed stock he’d left behind.

  2. McNally’s Folly . 2000
    McNally’s Chance . 2001
    McNally’s Alibi . 2002
    McNally’s Dare . 2003
    McNally’s Bluff . 2004
    These are the McNally Novels written by Vincent Lardo. Your info is wrong and if you were any type of “writer” then you would see the differences in Vincent Lardo and Sanders writing styles. Are you a baffoon? I am assuming you never read the Mcnally Novels otherwise you would not make such a idiot remark. Next time get your facts straight before you slander someone. I guess in these days anyone can call themselves a writer. I would think you would correct your info so you don’t look like such a jackass.

  3. I want to agree with you. But I’m not sure your point is like mine. I’ve read several McAnally book’s and love them! I went to the library and checked out another one and began reading. The plot was fun as usual, but something was amiss. I didn’t even have to think about it. The vocabulary was simpler, which was a disappointment because Arch’s vocab is so dramatic and descriptive. You have to have a dictionary (are those still around?) to read Lawrence’s McNally’s books. You don’t for Lardo’s. Lawrence’s command of descriptors is so entertaining. Lardo’s once again lacked.


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