Lightsword Slop

I still keep getting unwanted emails from Jennifer Crowder at Lightsword Publishing, even after I ridiculed her company’s inept promotional efforts and ugly covers here… and after I asked her to please take me off their mailing list.

Today, I got not one, but two spam emails from them, one with the headline "You Don’t Want to Miss Out on Reading This!!" and the other titled "News Radiating from Lightsword," both with numerous jpeg attachments of horrible book covers and badly-written press releases.  I wasn’t in a particularly good mood (I broke a toe running down the stairs yesterday), so I sent Jennifer a brief note I thought my finally stop the emails from coming:

Take me off your mailing list immediately. I am not interested in your slop.

I got a response back from her saying that she would remove me from her mailing list. I don’t know how I will live without the childish bookcovers and the inane "news radiating from lightsword," but I shall try.

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  1. That press release is astonishing! They managed to spell almost every word perfectly except for a word in the very first sentence. The word “the” is spelled “tDhe” in the press release. You would think they would at least proofread before sending it out. I despise bad spellers especially when it’s supposed to be a publishing company and when writers do it, too. It would have been different if the word had been a longer word, but a three letter word. Come on!

  2. I’m not brittle, just unlucky.
    I was barefoot and on an important conference call when my wife came home…and, I learned later, discovered that she’d forgotten her keys and locked herself out. My dog started barking like crazy, and the doorbell kept ringing…so I ran downstairs to deal with it. Somehow, I snagged my little toe on a step and felt it snap. Within an hour, it was swollen and black. This is the second time I have broken that toe. Last time, the doctor just told me to tape it to the toe next to it, try to stay off the foot, and to use ice. So that’s what I’m doing this time around.
    This has been a bad few weeks for my family and broken bones. My sister Karen also broke a toe on the stairs…but it was her big toe, so she is in some kind of cast. Her daughter broke her nose in gym class. And my sister-in-law broke her nose playing with her dog (it didn’t help that my brother later opened a door in her face).

  3. Why do you care? Why do you even read their emails? Do you have an email fetish or something? I have a suggestion for you, Yojumbo. Just mark it as spam and you’ll never see it again.
    ps: They’re not going to drop you from their list. Why? Because there’s no “they” there. It’s all automated. Untouched by human hands.

  4. Sorry to hear about your toe, Lee. I know how that smarts. Stubbed my toe on a wooden coffee table and the pain! Took a few weeks for it to clear up. And recently, I jammed my baby finger on my left hand and must have torn a ligament. But taping and ice on your toe should be good. Sorry to hear about your family members woes, also. Hope they get back to a hundred percent, soon.
    The Toronto Sun newspaper reported today in its Entertainment Section, page 5, about a new car-racing movie coming out called, “Speed Racer.” If that’s not a coincidence with your “Fast Track”, they also shot it in Germany, in Berlin. It’s being released in May. It’s a combination of live action and CGI. You probably know about it, but just in case….
    Anyway, as far as Lightsword is concerned and spam and unwanted emails, I’m wondering if there’s a premise here for a romantic comedy? “Scamming Internet Female meets See-Through-Her Published Writer.” He’s the real thing and she so isn’t that she senses it and wants to change just to get the guy’s good opinion. 🙂

  5. Falling on your Lightsword

    The wonderful Writers Beware blog reports that Lightsword Publishing is a scam run by imbeciles (no news to anyone who is a regular reader of this blog) and that the owners have been successfully sued for fraud by one of their swindled authors:


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