Dumb and Dumber

Back in 2006, I wrote about a TV bootlegger who bought advertising on Google to promote his various websites.  Now it turns out that the moron has been using the address of a Winnipeg newspaper as one of his many false return addresses:

If you want to keep it secret that you’re selling pirated DVDs, it’s
probably not a good idea to use a major Canadian newspaper as your
return address.

Over the last few days, several packages of pirated DVDs have been shipped to the Winnipeg Free Press from disgruntled customers around the world.
The packages originated from entities called DVD Avenue.TV, DVD Store, AllMyFavoriteShows.com and Expediteur,

Gary Osmond, the Canadian Motion Picture Distribution Association’s
director of investigations — anti-piracy operations, said the DVDs
received by the Free Press are connected to the massive seizure of thousands of counterfeit DVDs by the RCMP in Montreal just before Christmas.

More than 200 DVD burners were also seized by police and eight people
were arrested who are facing fraud charges under the Criminal Code and
Copyright Act.

But Osmond was surprised to hear the DVD pirates had used the Free Press’ address.

"They’re not too smart," Osmond said.

"In Montreal, they used post office box numbers for Canada Post or
private companies. There was one legitimate address in Montreal, but it
was a hole in the ground with a building being constructed.

"Yours is the only legitimate address and the first in Winnipeg."

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