Live from the picket line

I am at NBC in Burbank this morning, nearing the end of my shift. At about 8, a guy parked across the street and came over to us. His hands were in his pockets and he looked uneasy.. 
He told us he was an editor and that he, and many other IATSE members, were embarrassed and outraged by the conduct of their exec director, especially by the letter that was released today. I didn’t know anything about the letter…I slipped out of the house without reading the paper. He wanted us to know that the editors were with us in spirit and we thanked him.
An hour later, a van pulled up and out spilled three original munchkins, one in her costume from The Wizard of Oz. The three of them must have been in their late 80s and sang the lollipop guild song as they walked with us.

"The lollipop guild is with you," said the lollipop kid and he handed me a donut hole.

John Edwards is coming by later but I doubt that he can top that.  Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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  1. Lee–thanks for the strike updates. The surviving actors who played Munchkins are in LA to celebrate the Munchkins getting a star on the Walk of Fame. (One of the actors, now 89, lives here in Austin, and there was a feature in the paper about him heading out to Hollywood for the ceremony.)

  2. Lee,
    We’ve had our differences of opinion concerning fanfiction (not a topic I wish to get into at the moment).
    I am just writing in support of you and the WGA, and hope that you will be given a just and fair contract in this battle against the mega-corporations that are profiting from all of your hard work.
    Good luck, and I’ll pull out my Socialist Workers Party cred: “Power to the People”.


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