Look up “Pathetic” in the Dictionary and this is what you will find

Trekkies who watch Star Trek reruns while sitting in their replica Enterprise Captain chairs and wearing costumes are the walking — or should I say sitting — definition of pathetic:

So what, beyond pushing buttons, do these men — as all Kirk chair owners appear to be — do with the most conspicuous piece of furniture in the room?

Some watch TV in theirs, or simply loll, and some seem to find the chair an empowering place from which to deal with others. “When we have a little family powwow — I have four children — I sit in it to lay down the law,” said Mr. Boyd, the auto parts manager.

And most, of course, indulge their fantasies, imagining doing battle with Klingons and otherwise cruising the cosmos. “Sitting in it,” said Mr. Bradshaw, the graphic designer, “I find myself striking an action pose quite unconsciously.”

To his regret, he must strike those poses in his home office. “My wife is not big on it,” he said. “I’ve actually been threatened with divorce if it comes into the living room.”

16 thoughts on “Look up “Pathetic” in the Dictionary and this is what you will find”

  1. Lee, Admit it, you secretly want one.
    I’d get one, but it would clash with my life size reproduction Robby the Robot.

  2. I’ve been wanting a captain’s chair since the classic series first aired.
    These days, a captain danged-well better be one of the accessories.
    I’d like a Shatner model, please. After we defeat the bumpy-headed aliens we can go horseback riding.

  3. I still can’t believe that this is real, but unfortunately, it is. It is frightening to think that there are people like this- swimming in their own delusion.

  4. Ooh P.N. Can I go horse back riding too?
    This made me revisit the 100 ways Kirk is better than Picard, but my favorite is
    #91. Diplomacy for Kirk is a phaser and a smirk.
    See Lee, and you thought only guys were geeks.
    But I know deep in my heart I’m not a true blue treckie, Because I LOVED Galaxy Quest. And hey, they were kinda poking fun at us.
    (I mean them)

  5. Is it any more pathetic than a guy who spends his spare time playing golf ?
    Or, worse still, watching television?
    All married men should have hobbies that their wives don’t understand.
    It is what keeps half the human race sane.

  6. “Is it any more pathetic than a guy who spends his spare time playing golf? Or, worse still, watching television?”

  7. It could be worse. He could be wearing a football jersey and a hat with a football team logo on the front, watching football in a room with football memorabilia all over the walls.


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