“Take Me To Your Leader, Lee Goldberg”

One of the biggest, most persistent, and bone-headed cliches in TV & movie science fiction is the alien and/or robot who enunciates every syllable when he speaks, doesn’t use contractions, and calls everyone by their full name. Where did these aliens learn English? From watching movies about space aliens coming to earth? They can master travel at light speed, but can’t figure out how to say “don’t” instead of “do not?” Or why doesn’t someone, as William Rabkin laments, ever tell them:  

“In English, we have a last name that we share with our family and a first name that uniquely identifies us. And if you want to pass unrecognized as an alien, it’s important that you learn this distinction.” 

So why does this ridiculous conceit continue in movie after movie? Pure laziness […]it’s such a hideous cliche by now that you’d think even the aliens would have figured it out…

Apparently, the new WITCH MOUNTAIN remake is the latest offender to perpetuate this hoary cliche…

Of course, the cliche that comes next is the alien asking “what is this thing humans call love?” If I recall, the bad remake of DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL pulled that one, too. 

1 thought on ““Take Me To Your Leader, Lee Goldberg””

  1. Lee,
    So sad you had to sit through that. Did you at least have popcorn?
    My all time favorite scifi movie is the original Day the Earth Stood Still.
    That was back when aliens had cheekbones, wore a nice suit and had british/new england accents.(depending on the scene)
    But the best alien ever written? Ford Prefect. From the name on down. Classic.
    Karen from Mentor


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