Lori Jareo’d

No surprise:  Faster than you can say "Lori Jareo, " delusional fanficcer Lady Sybilla's self-published TWILIGHT sequel RUSSET NOON has been yanked off of Amazon. It's also now "on hold" on CreateSpace.

Lady Sybilla issued a press release after Hachette Group slapped her, Amazon and CreateSpace with a cease & desist order. She says, in part:

[…]However, the question still remains: Is this the end of Russet Noon? Does Lady Sybilla really need Amazon in order to continue to sell her controversial book?

And, last but not least, will Hachette Book Group go as far as suing Lady Sybilla in order to get a judge to determine whether or not Russet Noon is a parody?

Only time will tell.

For the time being, Russet Noon is still for sale via its official website at www.sequel-to-breaking-dawn.com. Moreover, according to a statement issued today by AV Paranormal Publishing, "Lady Sybilla has no intention of backing down. She will gladly stand before a judge to prove that Hachette's claims are unsubstantiated and that Russet Noon is, in fact, a parody, as it has undergone major rewrites since its online publication in 2009."

Let the legal battles begin.

Oh, I hope this goes to court. Hilarity will ensue.

9 thoughts on “Lori Jareo’d”

  1. Hey Graham, you found that “e” that Dan Quayle was looking for in his potato.
    Keep this up and the next thing you know you’ll be selling Fanfic for the Amazon Kindle.

  2. Please, please, PLEASE let this go to court. _Please_. There is absolutely no way that this book is a parody, and the entertainment value of watching Russet Noon get slammed down permanently would be kinda awesome.

  3. Thanks for the very generous statement, Randy.
    I probably should have put a 🙂 or something after my line about Graham’s post, but I assumed he would know I was just pulling his leg. Maybe “Mason” didn’t get the joke.
    The real shocking news is that someone bought Earthquake Weather on the Kindle. Thanks for the purchase, Mr. Dixon!


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