8 thoughts on “Lost in Space Main Titles Reimagined”

  1. Interesting stuff. Makes me wonder about the idea of remastering LIS with new effects. I rather enjoyed the remastered original Star Trek episodes, but I’m not sure it would work for LIS for a couple reasons.
    First, let’s face it, the cheese-factor is a good part of what makes the show enjoyable. Updating the effects would only bring the weaknesses in the writing and acting to the forefront.
    Second, most of the LIS effects were already far better than original Trek. In particular, some of the first-season stuff holds up pretty well. My favorite is still the Jupiter 2 crash landing on an alien planet, passing through rocky spires with wisps of clouds hanging around them.
    It’s all very low tech. Models flown on wires, natural light, and smoke pots, almost exactly the same techniques used for rocketships in the old Republic serials, but it worked well then, and it still doesn’t look bad today.

  2. Courage didn’t write a theme for LIS, but he did score several episodes. I haven’t seen LIS in decades, so I must have conflated his credit on severak episodes with Williams’ third seasn theme, which certainly sounds unlike his original theme.
    “Much of Courage’s 1960s output was at 20th Century-Fox, where Newman assigned Courage to write music for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Daniel Boone, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants and other series. He wrote a dramatic theme and over a dozen scores for the Carl Betz legal drama Judd for the Defense in 1967-68. It was his only other TV theme besides Star Trek.”


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