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  1. A good opening to a very good show, which gets unfairly maligned, I feel. The subsequent cable version was obviously much more faithful to the books, and was also wonderful as a television show in itself (good writers, whoever they may have been…). However, faithfulness is not the only measure of quality in an adaptation. The characters in this show fit their environment, the relationships were entertaining, William Conrad is a very fine actor and some of the shows were directed very, very skillfully. The plotting may have been the weakest link here, as too many of the stories seemed muddled, or had interchangeable endings. Overall, a good show, though, which deserved a longer shot. And, to the point of the post, swell music (which Addison obviously kept in mind a few years later for Murder, She Wrote.)

  2. Lee,
    I was one of the writers of the latest version of NERO WOLFE on A&E. I agree that William Conrad and Lee Horsley were perfect for the roles but the scripts didn’t serve them very well at all. And without strong scripts, it’s hard for any show to survive, no matter how well cast and produced it may be.

  3. Yes, I knew you were one of the writers on the newer show. It was just a joke.
    And I agree about the scripts. I just thought that was something that might have been honed with a little more time, as there are many wonderful shows whose first 14 episodes left something to be desired.
    Am I remembering correctly that it was Goff and Roberts producing Nero Wolfe? Surprising, as they were always so plot-oriented.


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