The Mail I Get – Awesome, Outstanding, Astounding Edition

I got this email the other day…

I read a few of your reviews and I admire your candour.

I am searching for reviewers for my Kindle books and I am finding this extremely difficult.

I am a Beauty therapy mentor from Europe and I wondered if you have any suggestions.

I have no idea what a “beauty therapy mentor” is, so I checked out her Amazon author page, where it says that she is “a former therapist and an outstanding tutor,”  that “doctors are impressed with her astounding knowledge,” and that she is “an understanding person with great insight” who is  “an inspiration to all therapists” because she possesses “deep insight into health and client care” and demonstrates “her outstanding talent through the books she has written.” She forgot to mention her awesome, outstanding, and astounding modesty. But after reading all of that, I don’t know what praise a critic could give her that she hasn’t heaped on herself. Maybe that’s why she is having a hard time finding reviewers…

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  1. I’ve never heard of it before either, so I googled “beauty therapy”:

    “Also known as Aesthetician, a Beauty Therapist is qualified to carry out a wide range of treatments to the face and body. A beauty therapist is in fact a beautician, body therapist and electrolysist all in one. The therapist is involved with her clients’ needs in a caring profession. Treatments are designed to improve skin care and condition, and the work includes a range of electrotherapy treatments for face and body, all designed to help improve facial and body conditions. All forms of aesthetic treatments promote a feeling of well-being – consequently, the aesthetician must be caring, tactful, intelligent and have a well-groomed appearance, especially their hands, which need to be sensitive and supple. Aestheticians are fully trained to know when to refer their clients to a doctor.

    The growing interest in feeling fit and looking good has created a growth in opportunities for aestheticians. Since the vast proportions of qualified therapists are women, there is a rapid turnover in job opportunities, and it is possible to reach supervisory or management level within two or three years of qualifying. Mobility is an important factor in obtaining employment, largely because the geographical location of salons or health resorts is often crucial to its success.”

    Who knew?
    I guess she’s pretty good at it.


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