The Mail I Get – Requests Edition

jennifer_anistons_house_is_a_finally_a_homeI constantly get requests from readers to send them things — mostly free books and signed photos. Here are two recent, odd examples (the names and other identifying info has been changed to spare the senders embarrassment):

Please send me a couple of your business cards signed and an autograph photo to XYZ . Could you please sign them to XYZ and date them? Well I will tell you a little about myself. I hope to one day to have a successful career in politics. I have four dogs named W, X, Y and Z. My favorite school subjects are History and Political Science. I was born in New York State…

I don’t know why he’d want a signed business card…or why knowing about his pets and the subjects he likes in school would convince me to accept his request. Then again, his request is a lot more reasonable than this one:

Can you please send me a picture of your home and car? I collect these pictures so I know how the authors that I read live and so I can picture it.

I can’t imagine there are many authors who have sent her pictures. But I’ve asked. And in the mean time, I’ve sent her a picture of Jennifer Aniston’s house and the Batmobile.

5 thoughts on “The Mail I Get – Requests Edition”

  1. If she collects photos of homes and cars, that, to me, is kind of interesting. I’ve never heard of that before. Maybe she could open up a boutique museum, maybe a tourist site, which shows these pictures to the public. For instance, I had no idea that Jennifer Anniston lived in such a house. The photo opens up a lot of insights for me about her. And I have a question for her: why did she stop at 7 solar panels? If she had them turned lengthwise, she could have had two rows of seven. Anyway, Lee, I know you like to spoof and goof with persons who request things from you via email, but sending a photo of Jennifer Anniston’s house, well, that’s really gonna make things better, right? :-)


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