“Make My Man a Mommy”

…that’s the name of a site dedicated to uniting the fans of  mpreg fanfic.  Some brave soul named Mr. Anonymous  sent me the link. Naturally,  I had to check it out.  Here’s what I found:

This is the official fan listing to Mpreg

What is Mpreg? it stand more Male Pregnancies. Usually due to  magic, aliens, or its just normal in the fan authors world. This   fan listing is to unite people who read or write Mpreg stories,  whether its from a anime, book, game, tv show or whatever.

Gee, I wonder who they had to see, and what they had to do, to make this site  "official."

MpregKindly Mr. Anonymous also directed me to the Pregnant Men website, which offers one-stop shopping for mpreg fans.

Thank you for visiting Pregnant Men.  This  site is dedicated to everything related to the idea of men being  pregnant.  Whether it be stories, movies, real life news,  or  anything else.  If it pertains to men being pregnant, you can be sure to find it here.

They even have a newsletter. I’m thinking of getting my brother Tod a subscription for Christmas. Don’t tell him, though… I want it to be a surprise.


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  1. I know, I know, I’m late to this, but I’ve just stumbled across some interesting links regarding the above. First here’s LJ-user titti’s reasoning ‘Why I read MPREG’:
    So given all of this, why read them? Because they are fun. You’re not really expecting to read HP fics at this point. You’re expecting to see a woman take out on the male gender in the form of Severus Snape everything she went through in her pregnancy (or during her monthly cycle).
    These fics are usually best read when you’re PMSing. They remind just how terrible men are, and what we go through because they are too weak to have children. They usually go well with toast and nutella to quell that chocolate urge that we all get right before are period. Fine Swiss chocolate is also a good substitute.
    But even more interesting, although not directly related to MPREG, are the following links to two pro-writers’s (Elizabeth Bear and Sherwood Smith) musings whether slash will influence published literature within the next decade or so (my bet, it will and big time).
    Also see an acclaimed ff-writers wrestling with the eternal question: WHY do we write and read slash? A question btw, that the providing/consuming community of this genre still has not solved themselves.
    And lastly, I’ve just wandered into the realm of ‘The Sentinel’ fanfiction and it occured to me that TV networks, pro-writers and show creators are missing out a great survey tool, not following and evaluating fanfiction. Because, if a show that ended some five years ago is still going strong in fanfiction, there must have been something in it that very much appealed to the consumers. It just wasn’t the thing the producers thought it was, i.e. car chases and explosions and such. Instead it was the character development and personal interactions between the main cast, and that is true for gen and slash fiction.
    So, can you imagine, what a market there is that is simply not served by nowadays published fiction, movies and TV shows? I used to spend about at least 200/300 euros a month on books because I’m a voracious reader, but since I’ve discovered fanfiction this money is lost to the market because my needs get fulfilled for FREE on the net.
    Best regards, kete (writing from Germany)


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