Man of Action III

Greetings from Cologne,  Germany, where I am holed up in my hotel room this morning, writing a pilot. I’m suffering from the worst jet-lag I’ve ever had…I think it has something to do with the fact it stays dark here until 8:30 in the morning and gets dark again around 5 pm…and in between, there’s not much sunlight. My internal clock just doesn’t seem to be adjusting, even after being here nearly 10 days. 

I haven’t been writing as much as I would like while I’ve been here. I’ve been having pre-production meetings at the studio in Cologne and with the network in Munich…and when I get back to my hotel room in the evenings, I’m crippled with fatigue and fighting to stay awake past 8 pm. I’m hoping when I get home I’ll rebound quickly from the jet-lag and have a nice, uninterrupted stretch to write so I can work up some momentum (the script is due Jan. 1). That’s also why you haven’t seen me posting here…I’m using the energy I have on the script. I like what I’ve written, it’s just harder to come by.

I still  have  Christmas shopping to do…I hope to  do a little  of it here before I return on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Man of Action III”

  1. Make rest your first priority after meetings, and before writing. Because you’ll write better when you’re rested. You’re probably writing in your sleep anyway, so give that part of your mind enough time to do its work. I know I write much better and more quickly when I’m fully rested.
    But do take a few pictures of Cologne for us when you get a chance. It looks fantastic..!

  2. Lee,
    hope you’re enjoying Cologne! I loved it while I was there. I suspect you’re stayng in the same hotel I stayed at, right next to the cathedral. Take the time to sightsee and drink some of their fabulous beer and sample all the local sausages!


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