Me Down Under

Elizabeth Farrelly of the Sydney Daily Herald is a frustrated Kindler. Whenever she goes searching for books, she gets sent to people like me…and my Mom.

You can't search alphabetically, and much as Amazon vaunts its relationship with publishers you can't get Pete Dexter or Tim Winton or A.A. Gill and if you search Carl Hiaasen you get three Lee Goldberg westerns and a self-helper called Active Senior Living.

I don't think I've written any westerns (besides bits of MR. MONK IN TROUBLE), but it's still nice that she remember me in the midst of her Kindle woes.

2 thoughts on “Me Down Under”

  1. It is the Sydney Morning Herald, but that’s ok, no one reads it much. The whole article was terrible writing, but she probably did not look at your books, just the title. THE WALK? Sounds like a Western, maybe?


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