Pulp Friction

I had a great time on tonight being interviewed by author Paul Levine on his podcast PULP FRICTION. You can hear it here:

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1 thought on “Pulp Friction”

  1. Really enjoyed the interview, Lee. Paul Levine is just an excellent host. I downloaded one of his books from Amazon and am reading it now, it’s full of interesting insights into being a lawyer.

    It occurs to me, Lee, that you have the personality, energy and elan to do stand-up. Not just jokes, but humorous story-telling a la Mark Twain since you have such a wide-ranging experience in TV and publishing, subjects people from all walks of life are interested in. It could lead to a part in a TV series, your own show, or a one-man stage show. And the money would be good. You are already doing it in the interviews you give.

    Anyway, only a few more days for “The Heist” to come out!


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