Monk Revealed

There’s a detailed interview with my friends Terry Erdmann & Paula Block, authors of the terrific new book  MONK: THE OFFICIAL EPISODE GUIDE, over at the Monk Fun Page. The book is every bit as breezy and enjoyable as the show and is full of amusing and revealing anecdotes about the development and production of MONK. You can also watch a video interview with Terry and read Monk creator Andy Breckman’s Forward from the book over at the USA Network Monk site.

3 thoughts on “Monk Revealed”

  1. Since you do such a great job here clueing us in on the business, how well do such books sell when the series is still in production?
    As I’d rather have a complete book of that sort, I usually want to wait until after a show finishes production entirely before buying its episode guide. Especially since it’s so easy nowadays to find the info you need online.
    But at the same time, I sometimes worry whether or not the particular show will have the legs needed to carry its popularity past its cancellation. ‘star Trek’ and ‘X-Files’ books will always be around, but I still kick myself I didn’t pick up a trade paperback on ‘The Wonder Years’ when I saw it in Brentano’s years ago.
    Anyway, just curious…..

  2. I think these books — and most tie-ins of any kind — sell far better when a show is still in production and a success.


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