Movies A-Go-Go

I’m on strike…and on Christmas break…and I’m a lazy ass, so I have been catching up on my DVD awards screeners (one of the perks of being in the WGA, but I’m sure the AMPTP will roll that back on us, too).

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL – Cute and enjoyable, though the central conceit wears thin after awhile.
I’m looking forward to the USA Network series in which Lars and the Real Girl become a private eyes.

MARGO AT THE WEDDING – What a mess…but just when you are about to give up on it and watch BOSTON LEGAL on the Tivo instead, there will be a great line or a good performance. Jack Black is always fun, but he seems to be performing in an entirely different, and much better, movie.

CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR – It’s one of the better first season episodes of THE WEST WING.

THE BOURNE SUPREMACY – Even better the fifth time. I loved it.  And I admire the creative choices. It takes really guts to have the third movie take place, chronologically, in the final act of the second film….and real skill to actually pull it off. 

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