Mr. Monk and Crimespree

Cleaned out Jon Jordan at Crimespree Magazine has given MR. MONK IS CLEANED OUT a rave review.  He says, in part:

I love what Lee does with these books. His ability to channel Monk is uncanny and almost makes me wonder if they based this character on him in some way when they developed the series for TV. In truth it’s just that Goldberg is a Hell of a writer. […]I now associate Monk with Goldberg more than with the TV show.

Thank you, Jon!

3 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and Crimespree”

  1. Tazzy,
    I appreciate the advice, but I am very familiar with the show…and I have written three of the episodes as well.
    Andy Breckman, the creator of Monk, has given me the freedom to have my books exist in their own, parallel universe. I am NOT slavishly loyal to the continuity of the show. I try to be in the larger sense, but not every little detail.


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