Mr. Monk and the 100th Episode

Cast cake
My daughter Maddie and I went down to the MONK set at Paramount Studios to have lunch with my friend David Breckman, one of the writer/producers on the show (and the brother of series creator Andy Breckman). While we were there, they cut the 100th episode cake and had a little press conference for the entertainment media. I ran into Jeff Wachtel, the president of the USA Network, and congratulated him on the great ratings for the second season premiere of BURN NOTICE. He smiled and said “Thank you, we see it as a two-hour commercial for your brother’s book.” I’m sure Tod will be glad to know that.

I took a picture of Maddie at Stottlemeyer’s desk, gave her a tour of the back-lot, and I headed home to get back to work on the 8th MONK book…Maddie stottlemeyer1

3 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and the 100th Episode”

  1. This is so cool! Congratulations to Monk and its cast and crew! I just watched the premiere last night (I’d taped it), and as always, loved it.
    Maddie is gorgeous. Lucky girl, getting to sit at the Captain’s desk!
    I was shocked to learn of the loss of Stanley Kamel, and I send his family and loved ones my sympathies.


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