Mr. Monk Gets a Nice Review

Bill Peschel gives MR. MONK GOES TO GERMANY a very nice review. He says, in part:

Those who follow Lee Goldberg’s life on his blog know that he spent
time in Germany filming a TV show, so it’s natural he’d set his next
Monk book there. And he uses his experiences well, weaving in the
details you’d pick up if you were a tourist. It’s those little touches
that give the story flavor, such as the description of an inn that was
built in the 1400s, or describing the free magazines, including
Playboy, that can be picked up at German airports.

As for the mystery, it is competently set up and sprung, but, really,
the fun lies more in watching Monk at work, baffling his police
partners and reacting to the chaos around him, whether its attempting
to navigate the trails in the German forest or visiting an unusual
resort for outcasts.

Thanks, Bill!

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