5 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop”

  1. Awesome looking dust jacket! I really like the green against the shades of whites and grays. Very sharp! And, the cover photo of Tony is SO MONK being MONK. I agree – great cover. But…June?! Do you know how far away that is? (You just had to throw out that tease about Stottlemeyer a few weeks ago…)

  2. This cover is good, and I like the green, but for me the cover that makes me laugh every time I look at it is “Mr. Monk Goes to Germany.” (I’m chuckling now just remembering it.)
    Tony Shaloub is just this great comic talent at genius level who, with just the right expression on his face, can totally transform the meaning of the situation. I don’t think I’ve seen such a great comic expression for a long, long time. But the last time was from Bill Murray, whose comic sensibility is akin to Tony Shaloub’s.
    They both portray a character who knows better than the other characters and it comes off beautifully.


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