Mr. Monk in Outer Space

Moments after I finished proofing the galleys for MR. MONK IN OUTER SPACE on Friday I received this photo of the dustjacket.  I like it!  The book comes out on Oct. 30th. 13299521I’ve also just seen the covers for the Large Print editions of MR. MONK GOES TO THE  FIREHOUSE and MR. MONK GOES TO  HAWAII…and I like them a lot.
What do you think of them?12542766
(You can click on the photos for  larger images).

7 thoughts on “Mr. Monk in Outer Space”

  1. The Outer Space book looks great. The large print editions … look odd. Four lines, four fonts, slapped with clip art. Nice job with the lettering on the door of the firehouse. Was there a reason not to use Tony’s face?

  2. Answers:
    The large print editions are out now. And I like the covers…the falling coconut is straight out of the story, so it works for me. Tony’s face isn’t on the cover due to cost issues…these large print editions have small print runs and they publishers don’t have a lot of money. The large print editions of the DIAGNOSIS MURDER novels didn’t have Dick Van Dyke’s face on them either.
    I don’t get the HAZMAT suit or the butterfly either…it was the studio’s decision. But I still like the cover…the colors pop and I think it will stand out on the shelf (and I added a scene with butterflies in the story so the butterfly on the cover would make sense)..

  3. In my opinion, all of the covers are very nice, but I won’t buy the large print editions, because I do already own the normal ones… 😉


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