Mr. Monk and the Latest News

The cover of MR. MONK GOES TO HAWAII has been redesigned. The new, final version is there on your left. It’s not a very Hawaiian cover, but I’ve always liked that shot of Monk, it says so much about his character. If you liked finding the hidden objects in Highlights For Children when you were a kid, you’ll enjoy trying to find my name on the cover.

My latest Natalie Blog is now up on the USA Network site…it’s actually an "out-take" from the book MR. MONK GOES TO THE FIREHOUSE that was cut during the editorial process. I missed it in the book, I think it gave you a little more insight into
who Natalie is. On the other hand, it slowed the pace of the story down
and had to go. 

4 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and the Latest News”

  1. That was a nice little bit for Natalie. She has her thing and everyone else has theirs. It stinks it couldn’t have ended up in the book. I don’t really think it would have slowed anything down. Of course, that also depends on where it ended up and stuff and what the energy of the story was at that point, but being a writer you probably wanted to keep it in no matter what.
    I’m actually torn between whether or not I like the new cover for the book. It is a really cute play on Monk and how he is, but the cover with the vacuum cleaner was cute. I guess the new one will do. I’m more eager to read the story than to really worry about a book cover.

  2. Actually, I like that cover for a Hawaiian Monk book. It says Monk goes to Hawaii and doesn’t change how he dresses.
    If this were a Hawaiian Monk Seal book, it wouldn’t work at all.


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