Mr. Monk in Outer Space

Monk_outer_space_2I haven’t finished writing the book yet, but the publisher already has a cover for it. Do I feel the pressure? You bet I do.

12 thoughts on “Mr. Monk in Outer Space”

  1. I’ve posted the TWO ASSISTANTS cover here. Just click on the MONK subject heading in the column on the left, scroll down a ways, and you’ll spot it.

  2. Is it actually in outer space?
    Tell me it’s not actually in outer space.
    No, you know what. I changed my mind: please tell me it is in outer space. I’m looking to get my Moonraker on.

  3. Nope, B5 isn’t mentioned at all. But I do have fun with Monk encountering some of the more outrageous aspects of “fandom.”

  4. Lee, when I joked on a previous post about when where you going to bring fanfic into a Monk novel and you replied Mr Monk in Outer Space, I thought you were taking the piss which gave me a good chuckle. This post just had me laughing harder.
    Will have to see if this one comes out down here. It should.
    Best of luck with it.


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