Mrs Potato Head is Back…Again

Lady Sybilla, the dimwit who tried to sell her own TWILIGHT sequels on eBay, is back. Now's she's self-published RUSSET NOON through CreateSpace and is offering her swill on Amazon as a "parody" in a pathetic and transparent attempt not to get slapped with a cease-and-desist order. The product description of her craptastic opus clearly indicates that it's not a parody…but a lame attempt to sell a sequel to a book, and characters, she doesn't own. This delusional fanficcer must have studied at the feet of the master, Lori Jareo.

(Thanks to C.S. Winchester for the  heads-up)

UPDATE 8-10-2010: No surprise:  Faster than you can say "Lori Jareo, " delusional fanficcer Lady Sybilla's self-published TWILIGHT sequel RUSSET NOON has been yanked off of Amazon. It's also now "on hold" on CreateSpace.

10 thoughts on “Mrs Potato Head is Back…Again”

  1. You’ve done it now.
    Now *everyone* will want a copy!
    Okay, not me. She ain’t getting one thin dime. I don’t support intellectual property thieves who hope a little weasel-wording will get her a little attention.

  2. She wrote a dramatic “sequel” using the actual character names and is hoping that by calling it a parody, she can sneak it into print without getting nailed by the publisher.

  3. Here’s the product description and her “bio.”
    Product Description
    It’s Renesmee’s fifth birthday, and the Quileutes have invited the Cullens to come to La Push to celebrate together. Even though Jacob is dying to see Nessie again, deep inside, he feels horribly conflicted. Nessie is only five in human years, but, because of her vampire genes, she already looks like a fully developed teenager, curves and all. While Jake finds comfort in his close friendship with Bella, his attraction to Nessie only fills him with guilt and shame. He struggles to play the big brother role, but just being around Nessie is getting to be too much of a temptation for him. He knows she’s attracted to him, but Edward and his two vampire brothers, Emmett and Jasper, are way too overprotective of her and are constantly watching Jake’s every move. Yet, as prickly as this situation may seem, this is not the worst dilemma Jacob has been facing lately. There’s a strange vampire girl who wears an ancient talisman around her neck. She’s been haunting Jake by appearing to him in the form of a recurring nightmare. Now it is up to Jake to figure out who she is and what she wants before it’s too late. If he doesn’t, both his people, as well as the Cullen clan, might be facing an inevitable battle against an enemy they know very little about. Join Jacob Black in his journey to uncover the mystery behind the talisman’s evil powers. The fate of the Cullen-Quileute alliance rests solely in his hands, for he’s the one link between the vampires and the werewolves. Every step of the way in this life-threatening quest will thrust Jacob deeper into a twisted maze of mind-bending adventures where nothing is what it seems. Dare to cliff dive into the abyss of dark humor and witty sarcasm that only Jacob’s perspective can deliver. Go beyond the lovey-dovey, sparkly vampire fairy tale of the Twilight Saga and catch a glimpse of the true vampire underworld.
    About the Author
    Glorianna Arias, a.k.a Lady Sybilla, was the First-Prize Winner of The Robert apRoberts English Honors Essay Prize in 2000 at Cal State Northridge. The Robert apRoberts Honors Essay Prize is an annual award given to the English Honors student whose thesis is judged to be the best submitted during that academic year. The title of Glorianna’s thesis is “A Study of the Gothic in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Toni Morrison’s Beloved.” It is available at the Oviatt Library at Cal State Northridge. In January 2007, Lady Sybilla obtained her Masters Degree in Screenwriting and is now known worldwide thanks to the online publication of her debut novel Russet Noon.

  4. Jeeez,
    your not doing yourself a service with these rants. No, I’m neither one of the hapless hobbyists you vomit your rancour all over, nor a friend of theirs.
    I just happened onto a website I considered belonging to a writer I might be interested in knowing more about. Now that I know more about the writer, I’ve decided I really don’t need to read more of his writings.
    The malevolence screaming from these pages about amateurs, who by the way pay authors and inventors a high tribute in fandom and thus are those who also hand out the dough to guys like you by buying/watching your stuff first, speaks of such an egotistic, rapacious personality, that it’s one of the biggest turn-offs off someone I have yet met with.

  5. Please, Stephenie Meyer, please find out about this book and get your lawyers on the job post haste. I hate the Twilight saga, but blatant stealing such as this drives me _crazy_.

  6. I guess Amazon had finally found this because the book is gone. I can’t find any mention of her as an author anywhere there.
    It also looks like she was probably here to comment (Anne Merkel).

  7. What you say Anne is partially true, yes, fan fic is a high tribute but it was NEVER meant to be used to make money. Honestly! It’s sad, that you don’t seem to realize this.
    For someone supposedly not related in any way, shape, or form to the writers, you sound awfully protective of them.
    I’m with Lee 100% on this. What an idiot!

  8. Anne, without people like Lee to WRITE the stuff in the first place, there would BE no fan fic. You don’t like what Lee says, don’t buy his stuff, that simple.
    For someone who claims NOT to know these people, you do sound awfully defensive
    I’m with Lee 100% on this. What an IDIOT!

  9. Mr. Goldberg, if she’s trying to sell her work, that means it isn’t fan fiction. Professionals, who do it for the money, need to get permission first, unless it really is a parody. But that will be for the courts to decide.


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