Murderous Musings

Author Jean Henry Mead interviewed me for the Murderous Musings blog and got me to blather on and on about myself and my books, something I hardly ever get a chance to do with my blog, my twitter page, my Facebook page, my… well, you get the idea. Here’s an excerpt:

Lee, when did you realize you were a writer?

I’ve always known. When I was ten or eleven, I was already pecking novels out on my Mom’s old typewriters. The first one was a futuristic tale about a cop born in an underwater sperm bank. I don’t know why the bank was underwater, or how deposits were made, but I thought it was very cool. I followed that up with a series of books about gentleman thief Brian Lockwood, aka “The Perfect Sinner,” a thinly disguised rip-off of Simon Templar, aka “The Saint.” I sold these stories for a dime to my friends and even managed to make a dollar or two. In fact, I think my royalties per book were better then than they are now.

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  1. Lee,
    That’s a great story/excerpt! The cop born in the underwater sperm bank…The Perfect Sinner…Selling your stories to kids for a dime…Good stuff!

  2. I used to program the networks cartoons. I would write up all the story lines for the new cartoons I thought should be on TV and then act them out for my friends. It kept me in ice cream as a kid.

  3. Lee,
    It was a pleasure to interview you. I’ve had requests since that time asking me to rerun it on the Murderous Musings blogsite, which I did last Friday. Everyone thought it was a great interview and liked your suggestion to send 50 copies of one’s book out to the reviewers. Great idea!
    Jean Henry Mead
    Jean Henry Mead


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