My Brother Gets BURNED

Today, my brother Tod talks about his new, three-book deal to write original novels based on the USA Network series BURN NOTICE:

How this came about is how many things come about when you’re not
expecting them — your brother calls you from a scratchy phone in
Germany and says, "Hey, do you like the show Burn Notice?" You reply,
"Yeah, I love it. It’s like an Elmore Leonard novel crossed with Steven
Soderbergh’s direction and a dash of Albert Brooks’ mother issues for
good measure. Why?" And then twenty minutes later you’re on the phone
with your agent, 36 hours later you’re making demands of the publisher,
72 hours later you’re sitting down with Matt Nix […]and you’re discussing the show he created, Burn Notice, and then, about
100 hours later, you’re figuring out just how on Earth you’re going to
meet your first deadline — February — without getting hooked on crank

6 thoughts on “My Brother Gets BURNED”

  1. So Lee, can I send you my Burn Notice spec to send to Tod to send to Matt?
    Seriously, though, would it be too much of an imposition to ask that Tod try to avoid a story that focuses on Veronica (Sam’s current sugar-mama)? I’ve had some bad luck recently with storylines from my specs turning up on the actual shows, thus rendering the specs moot. On the plus side, at least I know my ideas are in the ballpark.
    Actually, nevermind. I guess I’ll use this as motivation to write up an idea I have for a “24” spec.

  2. Congratulations to Todd. What a great moment for a writer. The entire way the deal worked out seems like a novel in itself. If you have any more details I’d love to hear them. But in any case, I’m looking forward to reading your first!

  3. Cool! These books sound like a great idea. I love Burn Notice! Congratulations to Tod! (I hadn’t thought of it before but, Tod’s reference to Elmore Leonard is right on the money).


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