My Brothers Are Selling TV Shows

Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman, the producers of JUSTIFIED, have sold a TV series pilot to FX based on my brother Tod Goldberg's short story Mitzvah. Crime writer Joel Goldman is often mistaken for my brother, so I suppose it's only fitting that those same producers just sold CBS a TV series pilot based on Joel's short story Knife Fight. Now if either pilot goes to series, I am expecting my brothers to play the nepotism card and insist that I be brought on staff.


2 thoughts on “My Brothers Are Selling TV Shows”

  1. Hey, Lee, congrats to your brother. Carl Beverly may well be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in the business — Timberman/Beverly did the pilot for Kiss Her Goodbye and I couldn’t be happier with the work they did.

  2. Wow, congrats to both your brothers–nepotism in the immediate family is a good thing!
    I’ve got Tod’s book on hold at the university library and I’m looking forward to reading the story.
    This development is what I think will happen with the rise of ebooks: there will be a search for quality, and quality will sell more than ever because it makes an ebook stand out. Good writers will sell a lot more books and make a lot more money, I’m guessing. The market for books, currently, is skewed by the high cost of books towards those who can afford them. But when the prices come down with ebooks, quality, not family income, will determine which books are bought. So good luck with the pilots!


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