My Heart Bleeds For Tiger’s Mistresses

I can't believe that Tiger Woods' many mistresses, most of them "hostesses" and porn stars, actally think they deserve sympathy from the public or an apology for him. I choked with laughter watching one of them on TV a few weeks back tearfully saying that she felt "betrayed" by Woods. C'mon, they are all dumb, predatory bimbos who measure their intellect with their bra cup sizes and hang out in clubs hoping to score some sack-time with a celeb. But this quote in today's LA Times just killed me:

Civil attorney Gloria Allred and her client, Veronica Siwik-Daniels, also known as Joslyn James in her career as a porn star, held a news conference after Woods' statement. Allred said Siwik-Daniels had had a three-year relationship with Woods.

"We're bitterly disappointed he didn't apologize to my client," Allred said. "Who is he saying he's sorry to? Not Veronica and she's a victim, the same as his wife."

Media whore Allred should be ashamed of herself for leaping in front of the cameras for this non-cause.  Allred loves to portray herself as a champion of women, so how could she, with a straight face, compare these bimbos to Woods' wife? Every single one of these women knew he was married, but they didn't give a damn. They just wanted to jump in the sack with a celebrity so they could have bragging rights…or, best of all, some TV exposure…later on. They should be ap0logizing to Tiger Woods' wife for throwing themselves at her husband.

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  1. Hold on here. Tiger didn’t have to screw any of these women, now did he? They didn’t hold him down and force him to have sex with them.
    In fact, if he hadn’t stepped out on Elin in the first place, none of this ridiculous brouhaha would have happened (including Gloria Allred’s news conference).
    We don’t know the details of how these relationships started. Even if the women made the first move, all Tiger had to say was one simple word–“No.”
    You’re misdirecting your blame. You should put it where it belongs–on Tiger.

  2. These same “hostesses” and porn stars would have thrown themselves at the next married celebrity who walked into the bar. These women are not victims by any stretch. They are predators. If they didn’t want to be “victimized” by an affair with Tiger Woods, they could have said “no, I don’t go to bed with married men.” But they didn’t. Instead, they gleefully engaged in the affairs, saving emails and text messages, waiting for the day when they could face TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, and anybody with a camera and say “Hey, I bedded Tiger Woods!” The ONLY victims here are Elin Woods and her children.

  3. Sorry, you’re still missing the point.
    We’re talking about Tiger here, not his “bimbos.”
    I’d still like to know how you can say that–as I asked, do you know any of them personally? Do you have proof that they “willfully and gleefully” engaged in the affairs? Or are you just going by what you see on the supposedly unbiased TMZ and Entertainment Tonight?
    It’s very interesting to me that you consistently NEVER mention Tiger as having caused any of these problems.
    Why are you leaving him out?

  4. You’re missing the point. I am not talking about Tiger in this post, I am talking about the bimbos who have the unbelievable audacity to cast themselves as victims and compare themselves to his wife.
    Yes, Bonnie, Tiger was wrong. He’s a pig. And the scores of women he cheated with, the “hostesses” and porn stars, are gold-digging, attention-hungry, celeb-chasing, bimbos who will fuck anybody with money and fame. They were wrong, too. They were not, in any way, victims.
    And yes, I have “proof” they willfully and gleefully engaged in those affairs. I’ve seen and heard the dimwit bimbos being interviewed on TV. Clearly, YOU haven’t heard what these bimbos had to say about how they met him and what their “relationships” were like.
    What do you think went on here? Do you think they had sex with him against their will? Do you think they were unaware that he was married with children? What’s your justification for excusing their indefensible behavior?
    They are “hostesses” and porn stars who fucked a married man. How, exactly, does this make them victims?
    Yeah, Tiger was a jerk. And the women were bimbos. A pox on both of their houses.

  5. Well, at least you’re holding one of Tiger’s feet to the fire.
    I never said they were “victims.” Gloria Allred may have, but I didn’t. That still doesn’t excuse your woman-blaming, when Tiger should be held responsible for this entire incident.
    Why didn’t they say, “Sorry, I don’t go to bed with married men?”
    I dunno, why didn’t Tiger maybe NOT ASK THE QUESTION in the first place. If he hadn’t popped it to begin with, we wouldn’t be having this conversation…because there’d be no scandal to talk about.

  6. Bonnie, you have got to be joking. Are you suggesting that these “hostesses” and porn stars didn’t know he was married? And that before going to bed with them, Tiger should have said “by the way, in case you didn’t notice the wedding ring, or have been living in a cave, I am a married man. So before we begin having consentual sex, and you start archiving all of my text messages and phone calls for the media, I want to be sure you are aware of these important facts.”
    Grow up and get real.
    You wrote: “you’re so tenacious in your woman-blaming”
    I never blamed the women for Tiger’s affairs. Read my post again. I castigated them for portraying themselves as victims. YOU, and you alone, inexplicably read into it that I blamed the women for Tiger’s woes…because you have some bizarre agenda of your own.

  7. The focus of Goldberg’s original post was the women themselves. I don’t see why Woods has to mention Woods’ culpability. Goldberg’s focus is the bizarre and audacious statements by some of these gals claiming they were wronged.
    They are demanding apologies from Woods, but for what? Not enough hush-hush money? Another free trip to Australia?

  8. Well, if you call someone a “predator,” accuse them of being “gold-digging, attention-hungry celebrity-chasers” and say they’re “throwing themselves at any married celebrity who walks into a bar,” what other conclusion is there to draw? That sounds like blame to me. No, it wasn’t the main point of your post–but it sure was implied in the last sentence and subsequent comments.
    I never said they didn’t know he was married. That’s not the point. If he had remained faithful, would you have bothered writing about “dimwit bimbos?” Would there have been anything to write about?
    Obviously not.
    Anyway, we’re just talking past each other. No, there’s no “victims” in any of this, except Elin and her kids. But since you don’t want to talk about the one truly responsible, and what he did to bring all this on himself, I’m done.

  9. OFCOURSE Tiger is responsible for all of this. OFCOURSE the only victims are his wife and kids.
    OFCOURSE if he remained faithful I wouldn’t have had any reason to write my post.
    My only point, which is clear in my post, is that it’s ludicrous, absurd, and offensive that the “hostesses” and porn stars that he slept with believe that they deserve an apology and that, as Gloria Allred says, they are as much victims as his wife.
    You, inexplicably and ridiculously, read that as “women-blaming” and that I believe Tiger is blameless for his affairs. He’s not. But the dimwit bimbos who threw themselves at him are not, in any way, victims or deserving of our sympathy.
    You have some sort of agenda…one I still don’t get.

  10. And isn’t a system that hires attractive women to be friendly to men, most of them married and rich, kinda still standing, no matter who we blame in the short-term?
    The concierges, managers, agents, holders of phone numbers and email addresses — those who work to make those men’s leisure time pleasant and stress free — the pimps of the system — they get no attention here?
    These women are getting all the heat because they don’t have the sophisticated lawyers and PR flacks to keep them quiet until the payoff, but the system that still stands keeps intact, and not one wife or divorce lawyer will change that. Sure, those women are angry because they didn’t get a big enough cut — BUT THAT CUT HAPPENS MOST OF THE TIME. It’s not their fault the system changed because someone for whom the system worked perfectly decided to get sloppy and hit bottom.
    It’s like coming in as a crusader and arresting the whores in a massage parlor, then willfully ignoring the business owner, the landlord, syndicate heads and money launderers who keep the system going. If you’re going to denounce a crime, denounce all the participants: People, mostly men, who make money on men chronically cheating on their wives with strangers. If philandering men changed their ways, a lot of the nightclubs and bars in this world would shut their doors.


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