3 thoughts on “My Checkbook is Open, My Pen Is Poised…”

  1. Lee, I know you have your heart set on LAS CRUCES, and I’d hate to see you get froze out by that whacko Cruise.
    Tell you what. If you can’t get the winning bid on LAS CRUCES, I’ll let you have development rights to NORTHCOAST SHAKEDOWN for $750K. (Ain’t I generous?) After all, it’s the #1 novel written by former Clevelanders living in Cincinnati and published by small press for 2005. I am just runnin’ away with that category. Come on, Edgar! Gimme my Shamus now, baby!
    If that’s too steep, I have some old STAR TREK fanfic that might rework into a decent science fiction series once stripped of all the trademarked and copyrighted aspects. I could let that go for some McD’s gift certificates (A book of 10 only $5) or the entire Tom Waits collection on CD. (I already have SWORDFISHTROMBONES and RAIN DOGS, so you’re saving $30 off the bat.) I’ll throw in the porno story about the alien princess who looks suspiciously like Halle Berry for free.
    If you really want cheap, there’s a story I wrote about robot superspies in the fifth grade I’ll option for $10 and a tank of gas. I’ll even throw in the first draft in the original crayon at no extra charge.
    Note: At no point did I pay anyone to publish any of this stuff.
    Well, okay, I borrowed dimes from my mother to make copies of the android story. But I sold out the entire print run of 5.


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