What is Foreplay?

Here’s some sex advice from my sister Linda, amateur Sex Inspector:

While most women in America (or at least every woman we know) seem to be
totally irritated by their husbands making moves on them while they
make dinner, do dishes or are otherwise engaged in anything that requires both
hands (putting the cover on the duvet),  women in England don’t seem bothered by
it. What is that about? Being groped while you chop carrots is not
foreplay! Foreplay would be the husband coming into the kitchen and
announcing that you should go watch all those episodes of Oprah and Laguna Beach
that you TIVO’d while he does the dishes and folds the laundry.

4 thoughts on “What is Foreplay?”

  1. Hah!
    That never works. Has any woman ever been turned on by a spotless kitchen? Grateful, sure. Relieved that her husband is not being a lazy jerk and foisting all the housework on her, even if just for one day, absolutely.
    But “You-scrubbed-the-stove-top-get-in-the-bedroom-and-get-your-pants-off-you-tiger”?


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