My Fan Club President is Impeached

UPDATE 4-22-2006:  James Kosub appears to have come to his senses and deleted the ridiculous accusations against me that he posted on his blog, so I’ve deleted the post that formerly occupied this space (the comments, however, remain).

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  1. The Definition Of The Word Libel

    My brother learned today (via a comment on his blog) that James Kosub’s blog now redirects to the following statement, followed by another redirect to the statute on cyberstalking:A little while ago, Lee and Tod Goldberg began a harassment campaign

  2. //My faith, vocation and work were all held up to ridicule.//
    Taking into account the extremely personal insults levelled at LG, this one’s kind of funny.

  3. Mr. Kosub made scurrilous comments about me on his blog, but when I attempted to rebut them, he would not publish my response. Do you suppose he will major in Torquemada studies at the seminary?

  4. I tried to go to his website and instead of going there I was redirected to a site called The National Center For The Victims Of Crime. The page was all about cyberstalking.
    Interesting, huh?

  5. //My faith, vocation and work were all held up to ridicule.//
    You did a pretty good job of that yourself, Jimsy. Read some of your former posts, comments, tantrums, and incredibly arrogant posts.
    //During this period of harassment, some of the Goldbergs’ readers discussed sabotaging my graduate and seminary studies, sending defamatory letters to publishers considering my work, and more. Others attempted to obtain my home address and telephone number. Some threatened the safety of my five-year old son.//
    No…exposing you for what you are.
    ‘defamatory letters to publishers’?
    No…simply quoting your own posts. Are you referring to tie-in publishers, after your unbelievably disdainful rants and diatribes on the same?
    ‘attempted to obtain [your]home address and phone number’?
    Do you have an NSA tap on your data or something? How in the world could you ever know someone did that?
    ‘threatened [your] five year old son’?
    Nowhere on this site is that stated, implied, or even alluded to. Speaking as an outsider, I’d have to see concrete proof on that one. Threatening a child is a major league hot button these days, and I have a hunch you are using that. Show us proof on that one, Jimsy.

  6. As the saying goes: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you.
    Nice self-fulfilling prophecy, in this case. He thinks you’re out to get him, so he’ll push things until you have ground to go out and, uh, get him.

  7. He’s crafty, Lee. He only accuses you of encouraging your readers. He does NOT accuse you of wrecking his life, trying to get his personal information and, the most despicable of all accusations, threatening his child. He blames the very vaugue “readership” for all of that. Still, the whole thing smacks of cyber-Munchausen syndrome and as sad as that may be, he’s right. Cyber stalking is serious. But so is falsely accusing somebody of it to get attention.

  8. Ah, James. Jim. Jimmy. Jimbo. Jimsy. Big Jim….
    Is forwarding your site to the National Center for Victims of Crime supposed to generate sympathy? Fear? Angst?
    You started this fight with your arrogant condecension and amazing superiority which you have no justification for other than a rich fantasy life. I’d be willing to bet some hard cash that there was absolutely no contact between yourself and the Goldbergs until you started your defamatory remarks. You started the fight, and now you want to cry ‘Foul’ and ‘allee allee in free quitsies’. You deliberately and with malice aforethought whip up a hurricane of ugliness, then scream when you get splashed.
    Now, let me guess…you removed that unbelievably insane post you made about cyberstalking because 1) you decided since you are fantasizing about entering a seminary, you should “turn the other cheek” and show the world what a great terrific person you really are, or 2) you spoke with an attorney and/or law enforcement officer about your claim of cyberstalking and got laughed out of the room. (My odds are on the latter, but I could be wrong.) I’d also be willing to bet that if you did speak to anyone, you presented an extremely edited and censored version of events to make yourself into the Professional Victim you like to pretend you are.
    Face facts. You started the argument, you continued the argument, and that was all okay. It wasn’t until the ball came back over the net that you cried “NOT FAIR!” This is the Real World, not the dream world you live in. If you throw the ball, you have no cause for complaint if it comes flying back.
    Worse yet, you really have no cause to cry if someone, anyone, stands up and decides not to tolerate your nonsense.


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