My Sister Is So Dead

We Goldbergs have really big mouths. My Mom, my brother, and my sisters all have blogs (and, of course, so do I. Not to mention my Uncle, my cousins, my distant cousins, even my sister-in-law for a while). Why?  Because we have really big mouths and can’t shut the hell up.  We love to share our opinions, our sordid pasts, and our stories with anybody who will listen.

Occasionally, this gets us into trouble, not just with fanficcers,, vanity press companies, fucktards, and Tono Rondone, but with our own family of big mouths. My sister Linda talks about this (where else?) on her blog today.

2 thoughts on “My Sister Is So Dead”

  1. Wow, this was just like an episode of ‘The Simpsons’. The ending was so far off topic from how it begun.
    I started here, went to your mum’s blog, then to your sister’s. After that I wound up at Tod’s, where I started to read about him, and then found myself in a scary Barry cult. It was filled to the brim with retarded scary 15 year-olds. Or at least people that came across as that age group.
    I feel all dirty now. My virgin eyes have been damaged! Someone erase the last 5 minutes of my life!
    Yeah, I dunno what I was getting at either.

  2. I started out at Linda’s blog, then Tod’s, now here – you are the funniest family – what a treat it would be to sit at the Thanksgiving table with all of you seated around it, but that’s the point, right? On any other day it would still be a royal treat.


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