Mysteries of Tie-in Writing Revealed

Want to know how to become a tie-in writer? Do you need an agent to break into the tie-in field? What kind of deadlines do tie-in writers have to meet? How do the writers approach characters descriptions and backstory? What kind of royalties do tie-in writers get? What is better — fighting for royalties or accepting a flat-fee? These are just a few of the intriguing business and craft questions tackled and answered in the  articles  posted today at the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers (IAMTW) website.

2 thoughts on “Mysteries of Tie-in Writing Revealed”

  1. Interesting stuff, and thanks very much for the linky. One small thing, from the article on writing a novel a year essay…
    “Does this require some level of sacrifice? No, not if you are single, and live by yourself.”
    This is ABSOLUTELY not true. If you are single, live by yourself, have a day job and believe it’s necessary to have a social life comprised of friends and getting laid regularly, there is going to be quite a hefty level of sacrifice to accomplish all of these things and still get the writing done.
    Married creators tend to forget this. Single creators do not. (Or rather, single creators who eschew the path of Hermit In A Cave do not.)
    Factor in gender, and it gets even more wonky. But that’s a musing for another day.


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