Who Will Be Bond?

Pierce7_1DanielcraigJmm_charmed013Henry004The web is abuzz as Sony zeros in on the  actor who will portray 007 in CASINO ROYALE, which is being written by Paul Haggis for a "28-year-old Bond." Media reports, like the one at the UK’s Teen Today,  say it’s down to  Daniel Craig ("Layer Cake"), Julian McMahon ("Nip/Tuck"), and Henry Cavill ( "Hellraiser: Hellworld") while the folks at Commanderbond.net say the choice is between Craig…or Pierce Brosnan. Yes, Brosnan, who was let go by Eon (the Bond producers) and was harshly critical of the franchise in subsequent news reports, is reportedly back in the running.

A CBn source says Daniel
remains Eon’s "preferred" choice for the role, and could still turn
out to be the man in gunbarrel. However, the edgy "Layer
actor may be considered too much of a commercial risk for Sony
Pictures. Eon’s attempts to find a convincing twenty-something actor appear to
have failed, and with only 12 weeks to go before that start of principle
photography, Eon and Campbell may have to abandon their ambitions to reinvent
the franchise via Ian Fleming’s first novel and quickly rework it into Pierce
Brosnan’s final James Bond film.


3 thoughts on “Who Will Be Bond?”

  1. Mmmmmm…more yummy Pierce Brosnan goodness for me, please. 🙂
    Twenty-eight, shmenty-eight. If you guys can suspend your poor, beleaguered disbelief long enough to believe that Jessica Alba can really kick that much ass in her assorted movie roles, while wearing what ammounts to little more than fetish gear, I’m willing to pretend that James Bond could actually improve with age rather than getting creaky and dyspeptic like the rest of us. All that special forces training has got to count for something.
    Oh, who am I kidding. I’d watch a made-for-cable Police Academy rip-off if Brosnan were making a cameo. Granted, I’d fast forward through most of it, but still…

  2. I still think you should have taken the role when they offered it to you last year, Lee.
    By refusing it during the very first phone call from Eon, you’ve out Lazenbied George Lazenby.


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