Mystery Scribes Score TV Deals

Oxygen has gone shopping for new series at their local mystery bookstore. The network is developing NICKY VELVET, based on the stories by Ed Hoch, and ROBIN HUDSON, based on the books by Sparkle Hayter.  Congratulations to them both!

In other TV news, NBC has officially picked up STUDIO 60, Aaron Sorkin’s new series about the making of a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE-esque show starring Matthew Perry. The network has already picked up THE BLACK DONNELLYS and KIDNAPPED for next season. HBO has ordered SEXLIFE, a one-hour comedy/drama about relationships in the SEX IN THE CITY mold and Fox is reportedly snagging the hostage drama PRIMARY.  Last season, there were shows about invading aliens on multiple networks, this fall it looks like kidnappers are going to be everywhere…


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  1. Having been a fan of NICK Velvet since junior high school, why do I have the horrible feeling that “Nicky” will turn the character into a woman? Or a young hot stud? Maybe it was the influences at the time, but I always pictured Nick as a low-key Alexander Mundy….


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