Nancy Drew’s Hooters

I haven’t given a lot of thought to Nancy Drew’s breasts, but the folks over at Booksquare aren’t comfortable with the teen sleuth’s new extreme Manga Make-over, which includes a boob job. USA Today reports that Simon and Schuster are releasing a new line of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys graphic novels:

InsidenancydrewLongtime fans will hardly recognize their old favorites. The Hardy Boys
have the wide-eyed look of traditional manga characters. So do Nancy
Drew and friends Bess and George, who wear form-fitting clothes, with
plenty of cleavage for Bess.

4 thoughts on “Nancy Drew’s Hooters”

  1. I don’t get the appeal of Manga-style. It’s like forcing everything through some Speed Racer visual filter.
    But I pretty much hate everything. Except what I don’t hate.
    Maybe Nancy can dump Ned for Racer X. That would be okay. Especially if it meant she didn’t have to drive such a lameass car. Give the poor chick a sweet ride, already–maybe a nice black ’59 Jag XK roadster, which would actually run because it is, after all, fictional.

  2. “I haven’t given a lot of thought to Nancy Drew’s breasts”
    Lee, I remember a time when I was giving A LOT of thought to Nancy Drew’s breasts, and Veronica’s, and Miss Buxley’s, and, and… uh, I gotta go to the bathroom.


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