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My brother Tod recently discovered that one of his students is actually the author of Booksquare, one of his favorite blogs.  The experience has left both teacher and student a bit unsettled. Tod says:

Now, if you have questions about my evil teaching ways — next week,
I’m looking to outlaw narration all together — go visit Ms. Square and
see if she’s had her spirit destroyed.

Does this mean Tod will censor himself, now that he knows there’s a blogger in his midst? I doubt it.  Booksquare  says:

We have been uncovered: cranky blogger by day, mild mannered student by
night. What started as an innocent foray into the world of academia
became an experience we can only describe as all Tod Goldberg, all the

The horror. The horror. 

2 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger”

  1. (Chuckle) I had a similar experience this semester with one of my teachers. She and I are both members of the same fandoms, both fanwriters and fascinated by the legalities of fanfic (in deference to your sensitivities, Lee, I’ll leave out some of the stuff she told me), but both also pretty much in the closet in law school where our hobby was concerned.
    I had revealed myself as a fanwriter with much nervousness to my Copyright professor while discussing the subject, and she in turn directed me to a professor whose course I had already signed up for–because that professor was also a fanwriter. We’ve been in contact on and off via the Internet since then, but this semester was the first time we met, and well, ’twas a tad awkward, I admit. I’ve no doubt I was the first student IN her class to know of her hobby. She’s a big name in her academic field, and while I’d love to talk with her more about our shared interest, I tend to leave it alone (at least until I’m out of her class) because it obviously makes her nervous.
    It’s too bad, really. The internet has a way of reducing inhibitions for shy people and bringing people with shared interests together, but that connection doesn’t always extend to the real world.

  2. It just keeps getting worse. Tod is an Oakland A’s fan. I’ve lived with an A’s fan for, well, it seems like forever when we relive the glory that was the 1972 World Series. They’re the kind of people who think it’s socially acceptable to wear green and gold in public…


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