News on the Fast Track

Now that FAST TRACK is finished, we are deep into post…working on the score, etc. I’ll be flying to Montreal later this month to record actor Andrew Walker’s ADR (to replace poor tracks and to record new dialogue) and to meet with potential Canadian broadcasters for the show. And then, in early September, it’s back to Berlin to record the ADR with our European cast. We’re also actively trying to find a U.S. broadcaster for the show…but more on that later. In the mean time, here are some publicity stills from the movie, taken by photographers extraordinaire Gordon Muehl and Stefan Hoederath.

Fasttrack023 Fasttrack393 Fasttrack233 Fasttrack185 _sth8516 _sth8575

2 thoughts on “News on the Fast Track”

  1. Nice pkotos.
    Question: Is ADR common and how much is normally needed?
    My only “exposure” to it is from watching the movie “Postcards from the Edge”.

  2. Yes, ADR (also known as “looping”) is common and needed in all movies and TV shows. That’s because when you’re shooting, it’s not always possible to get perfect sound (wind, traffic noise, rain, sirens, poor recording, etc. can ruin dialogue) …or sound that matches the other sound you’ve recorded with the dialogue in other angles of the scene ..Or the actor gets the dialogue wrong…or you want to change the dialogue…or the film editing requires new dialogue…or there’s a technical problem with the recording. Those are just a few of the dozens of reasons why it’s inevitable that you will have to re-record some dialogue.


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