Not So Wonderful Wonder Woman

Mark Evanier tells the story behind a five minute WONDER WOMAN demo-pilot that producer William Dozier produced during the 60s heyday of TV’s BATMAN.  You can watch the whole demo on his blog, too.

Why didn’t his version of Wonder Woman sell? Well, watch it and
see. What’s usually the case when a network commissions a brief demo
film instead of a full pilot is either (a) they have so much faith in the premise and creative team that they don’t feel the need to waste the time or money…or (b)they have so little faith in the project that, though they’ve been
pressured into giving it a try before the cameras, they don’t want to
waste the time or money. Guess which was the case this time.

3 thoughts on “Not So Wonderful Wonder Woman”

  1. Um…wow. That’s one of the most deranged things I’ve ever seen.
    My favorite part is when she’s looking at her “reflection” in the mirror, and it turns the wrong way when she turns!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link. I’ve heard of this version and was curious to see it. Boy am I glad it got passed over. The mother alone drove me up a wall before she even started staring at herself in the mirror. And, frankly, I didn’t find either that unattractive.


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